Personal Injury

Whilst we aim to prevent and reduce accidents, we can’t eliminate them completely and in the unfortunate event that the driver or passengers that are involved within the accident suffer from any injuries FleetConnexions are able to assist you.

As soon as we get the details of your companies claim through and the accident has been reported, the injured party will receive a phone call from us to talk through the possibility of making a claim. Details of any injuries and the incident will be discussed to see whether your member of staff is eligible to claim, and then they will passed along to a specialist personal injury solicitor to deal with their claim in more detail.

Looking after drivers and their passenger’s well being is a primary concern at FleetConnexions and we want to ensure that all injured parties receive the appropriate advice, help and treatment that they deserve following their accident. You’ll want to ensure that your drivers receive the highest quality service from legal experts.

FleetConnexions can provide you with all the help you need in one place, so in the event that your car is damaged and off the road, you can charge reasonable hire charges, public transport costs or general damages.

Our team are fully equipped to pursue any claim on behalf of a customer which can result from either non-fault or partial fault accidents. When you contact us we have instant access to your incident details and will negotiate with third party insurers within hours of your claim being reported to ensure you aren’t left out of pocket.

Non Fault Repair

Our non-fault repair service is specifically tailored in order to provide high quality, specialist support for those involved in non-fault accidents.

FleetConnexions is able to instantly assess the suitability of the claim as soon as it is reported to us, as opposed to referring the claim for assessment. What this means is we can ensure that a replacement vehicle is sourced and provided to you within the quickest time frame possible, minimizing the driver’s inconvenience and ensuring you’re back on the road in no time.

Every hire vehicle that we provide is fully insured and will be like-for-like versus your damaged vehicle which includes both fleet cars and vans. Our technology will reduce the downtime for your business and ensure you don’t suffer.

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